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    Hello everyone, I have been involved with this dog when I was stationed in Napoli Italy from 2000 to 2003. I would see them throughout the country while traveling to the various seaport while working for the US Navy. At first I thought they were Neo’s but one of my Italian staffers informed me that they were old dogs, farm dogs locally called Run Dogs. Anyway the more I saw them the more I became interested in them. I thought and still think that it’s the most beautiful dog I’ve ever seen. It projected strength, intelligence and balance and I had to have one. After a few years of research I obtained my first after I returned to the States in 06 a female formentino from local stateside breeder and in 07 a male grey tiger from Argentina. They turned out to be the best dogs that I’ve ever owned now but not quite what I saw in Italy. I’m on my 2nd pair a wheaten male and grey tiger female from stateside breeders but with Italian linage with a litter due in a couple of wks. This will be their 2nd and I’m looking forward to it.