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    LJZT4-1800脳3500/four head corner combining machine/Four-square Synchronization Corner Crimping Machine
    鈼?Used for aluminum window corner crimping & frame-forming.
    鈼?It can make four corners鈥?crimping at one time.
    鈼?Working process: Installate corner connectors and connector clips on the Working table-Automatically Input-Automatically corner crimping-Automatically Output-Finish. The whole process is full automatically, saving time and labor.
    鈼?The pressing device moves automatically backward and forward, and the operation is convenient.
    鈼?Special double locking structure design is adopted to effectively prevent the existence of clearance after long use and ensure the accuracy and service life of the equipment.
    鈼?Adopt hydraulic (gas – liquid pressure) mechanism, make system maintenance convenient.
    鈼?It is convenient for adjusting the corners to suit for different profiles.
    鈼?Set up automatic transmission system, save loading and unloading time, greatly save labor, improve Working efficiency.
    Technical Parameter
    Power Supply380V 50Hz
    Motor power3.7KW+0.12KW脳2
    Operation air pressure0.5锝?.8MPa
    Gas consumption0.45L per time
    Max. width of profile100mm
    Max. dimension of window1600mm脳3000mm
    Min. dimension of window450mm脳675mm
    Corner cylinder movement stroke0-50mm
    Oil tank capacity60L
    Tolerence of Diagonal length dimension鈮?mm (1500脳1500mm)
    Seam of crimping tolerence鈮?.15mm
    Rated oil pressure15MPa
    Overall dimension4000mm脳1650mm脳2300mm
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