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    Jiangsu Province Ceramics Research Institute Co.,Ltd, she is founded in 1958, located in the Yixing City, the world-famous pottery capital in China, near the scenic Taihu Lake. As one of the modern enterprise, she is engaged in researching and developing, manufacturing the ceramic products and also supplying the technical services for the local ceramic factories. There’re more than 80 professional technicians. She has the ceramic and refractory testing center with national certification. And has a new production base for industrial ceramics..
    Now, we are the leading manufacturer and exporter in China. The products scope from industrial ceramics (fine ceramics, engineering ceramics), functional ceramics, compound porous ceramics, foamed ceramics, daily ceramics, art ceramics, ceramic pigments and glazing, Most of these products are exported to USA, Europe and Japan. We also provide the testing service of the ceramics and refractory materials and counseling service of ceramic technology.
    We are one of High-tech Enterprises, AAA Contract and Trustworthy Enterprises, AAA Technology Consulting Firm. We are the manufacturer of general ceramics USA FDA authorized, and obtained the certificate of ISO9001.
    Now, we are inheriting the traditional industries, exploring the new fields, and committed to the high-tech industry. Our enterprise spirit is Inheritance, Innovation, Cooperation and Win-win. We believe we can have a broad development prospects through our efforts.
    The timeline:
    1958, Yixing County Dingshu Town Ceramics Research Institute was found.
    1959, renamed to Jiangsu Province Light Industry Yixing Ceramics Research Institute
    1980, renamed to Jiangsu Province Ceramics Research Institute
    1990, started to export the ceramic products to USA, JAPAN.
    1993, we got the import and export license that the State authorized.
    2002, changed as private company from state-owned institute, and renamed to Jiangsu Province Ceramics Research Institute Co.,LTD.
    2003, established a Sino-Japanese joint venture company, Jiangsu TYCOON-SHOWA Ceramics Co.,LTD.
    2013, started to set up a new factory to enlarge the capacity of industrial ceramics.
    ……to be continuedInsulated ceramic manufacturers